In the meantime…

April 8, 2011 § 4 Comments

It’s early on Friday morning, and I am packed and ready to leave for the charming and wonderful city of Charleston, South Carolina. This week has been busy, but filled with good news, so I can’t complain. But it has left me without any time to go out and eat a hamburger.

“But Sarah, why tease us with a post, then?” you may ask.

If I can’t give you a story about a burger until next week, then I at least want to leave you with the thought of burgers until I can write about one.

That being said, the weather is supposed to be lovely this weekend in Athens. For those of you who own a grill (my apartment complex doesn’t allow us the luxury, and it’s not worth risking the $1,000 fine to try to sneak one in), this is the perfect weekend to fire it up and perhaps make your own.

One of my favorite food sites,, has a lovely list of their 21 Top-Rated Burger Recipes. As you click through the different recipes, I have no doubt that you’ll find one that suits your taste buds perfectly.

So I leave you with the opportunity to take these recipes into your own hands and make a Bun Voyage-worthy burger. I will be back to writing about some delicious burger around Athens next week. In the meantime, I’m going to be eating as much seafood as possible in two days.

Bun Voyage my fellow voyagers, and have a fun, burger-filled weekend!

(Click the picture below to begin the search for your favorite burger recipe.)

21 Top-Rated Burger Recipes



§ 4 Responses to In the meantime…

  • Oh my goodness… I think the chicken parmesan burger was made for me! Can’t wait for the burger adventures to resume next week.

  • The Hamburglar says:

    I, unfortunately, have not had a delicious and savory burger in a long time… this needs to change.

  • IG says:

    Definitely took your advice and took to the grill this weekend with some veggie burgers! Did you get to sample any burgers (seafood varieties?) while you were in Charleston?

  • John Varner says:

    I think this is one of your best posts. To have that many really good burger recipes in one place is very handy.

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